Simple Tips for Sexy Meal Planning!


I’m telling you if there is one thing I would stand on the roof tops and shout, that I believe will help you achieve your health and fitness goals (other than the 10 Commandments of Weight Loss of course) is to “Plan and Prepare Your Meals Every Week!” I can’t tell you how this has…

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How to Make Raw Vegan Cashew Cheese!

Raw Vegan Chashew Cheese

For all of you who love cheese, want to get away from dairy, here is a super delicious recipe. It’s quick and when you use raw cashews you get the benefit of of all the beautiful enzymes! [yumprint-recipe id=’4′]

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How to Make Raw Chocolate Banana Ice Cream!


  If you are ready to Reign in Health and Fitness, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and get rid of those excess pounds find out the 10 keys that I utilized to lose over 80 pounds and keep it off because not yesterday, not tomorrow but right NOW is YOUR time to Reign…

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3 Tips to Eating Healthier that will Change Your Life!


    I know there is tons of information out there, telling you to eat this, don’t eat that, so on and so forth. I understand the overwhelm can set in quickly and you just feel like, “what’s the point!” Don’t give up. Take these 3 simple yet profound tips to heart. When you in…

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How to Make Overnight Oats!

overnight oats 1

Overnight Oats are a great way to eat your oats but not have to cook them! You mix all of your ingredients in a mason jar and and put them in the fridge and Bam! The next day you wake to a delicious breakfast! You can play around with the flavors so that you can…

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How to Set Up Your EarthBox | Growing Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden! Entry 2


I’m still amazed that I’m growing my own vegetable garden on my balcony! This is exactly what I did to set up my EarthBox.     If you are ready to Reign in Health and Fitness, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and get rid of those excess pounds find out the 10 keys…

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Healthy Chocolate Shake | Raw Cacao and Goji Berries

Raw Chocolate passion!

I love all things chocolate! I used to love a chocolate shake from well just about any where. I wanted to eat and drink healthier and  shakes from most fast food and so called healthy food restaurants are loaded with sugar, fat and calories. I decided to make my own versions of chocolate shakes and…

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How to Make Raw Almond Butter | Vitamix vs. Food Processor

Shelita raw almond butter

I love nut butters! Cashew is my favorite. Nuts in general are a great healthy snack and a way to get healthy fats in. When you turn them into a nut butter they become more versatile. I put my nut butters into smoothies, on toast, apples, wraps, make ice cream, put in desserts, etc.   …

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How to Grow Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden! No backyard Needed! Shelita’s Journey Entry 1


Hello Reigning One! I’m starting my own organic winter vegetable garden right on my balcony. I’m going to be blogging my journey just in case you’re interested. I’m so excited! I’m a newbie to this entire gardening thing. I remember helping my grandma in her garden when I was a little girl, beyond that I…

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Vibrant Health Challenge! Be My Guest Free Access!

health is wealth 1

Because you are important to me and I know you want a VIBRANT life full of family, wealth and happiness without losing your HEALTH, I knew you’d want to see this. I am excited because I’ve received an amazing invitation to be part of a FREE health-changing event, the VIBRANT HEALTH CHALLENGE: Top experts share…

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