Lose Weight & Make Money w Iaso Tea!

Iaso tea with money

How to sign up and start making money NOW!

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Vegan Peanut Butter Energy Bites!

Vegan Peanut Butter Energy Bites

[yumprint-recipe id=’10’]

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How to Make Raw Cream of Mushroom Soup!


After my detox I was feeling really good, full of energy! Whenever you come off a detox you want to do something to break your detox and ease into eating regular food again. Even though on my detox I actually did eat, there was nothing to ease into, I wanted to get back into my…

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How to Detox with Coffee! | Journal day 5

How to Detox with Coffee

Caught ya by surprise with that one eh? Detoxing with coffee! You got all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I’m not talking about detoxing by drinking the coffee, actually the best use of coffee is to use it as an enema! Yep that’s right. My colon therapist taught me this. I was severely dehydrated and…

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Benefits of a Detox Bath! Journal Day 4

Benefits of a detox bath

Day 4 is filled with energy and production! I have nothing bad to say, no hunger pangs, I feel great! Over the course of the next few days I’m gonna share with you somethings I will be doing to improve my detox results starting with a detox bath!  We take a detox bath to help…

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Signs and Symptoms of Detox | Journal Day 3

signs and symptoms of a detox

To me day 3 is always the most difficult. No matter what type of detox I do, once I make past the 3rd day it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there. This where many will give up because signs and symptoms of detoxifying is too much for them to bear. Sometimes people don’t expect to…

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Detox Menu | Journal Day 2

detox menu 2

Well I’m sitting here at Comcast Cable feeling like I just wanna put my head on the table and pass out! I’m using my cell phone to write this post how cool is that. I thought this would give me incentive to post more often.  I had my detox ginger lemon drink and a juice…

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Detox Soup! Journal Entry 4 Day 1


For dinner I’m having this detox soup! Easy to make just throw everything in pot and add water! LOL so anyway, I’m hungry I’m gonna make this quick as my soup is sitting on the counter waiting for me!   The amount I’m giving is for 3 days 1 person 4 cups spring of filtered…

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Detox Salad! Journal Entry 3 day 1


Soooo I must say that a giant bowl of bitter leaves, I mean lettuce with apple cider vinegar for a dressing didn’t really appeal to me. I was thinking “I better get ready to have the grumpy face, as I eat lunch.” To my surprise (I know I keep saying that) I really enjoyed it.…

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Detox Drink! Journal Entry 2 Day 1


So far the day is going well, I’m a bit hungry but that’s to be expected. It’s 4pm and right now I’m cooking up some detox soup for dinner. As I type this entry I’m sipping on my detox drink. It’s surprising delicious! I’m a bit tired though I had a full workout today, I…

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