Reduce Your Sodium Intake to Reign in Health and Fitness: 7 Day Challenge!

salt the silent killer

The reasons why I want to do this challenge; 1.          To help women lose weight 2.          To help women lower blood pressure 3.          To help women reduce/eliminate bloating 4.       To help normalize kidney and digestive function How does sodium affect weight gain? Sodium doesn’t cause you to gain weight in the sense that it makes…

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God is Restoring You to Reign!


Definition of restore: to reinstate, replace, return, to put again in possession of something, to heal, to cure, to resuscitate, to revive, to improve, to rectify, to renew, to reestablish, to reintroduce,  to get back to recover, reclaim, reconstruct, rehabilitate, restitution. Meditate on these words and think of the areas of your life you are…

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7 Simple Tips to Jump Start Your Metabolism for Fast Weight Loss!

metabolism boosting foods vegetarian

There are several things that you can do to jump your metabolism. These are a few of the best tips to get you burning those calories as fast as possible! If your ready to go even further and jump start your weight loss join me for my 28 Days to the Weight Loss Reign program!…

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Triple Threat Fat Loss 7 Day RIL Fitness Challenge!

triple threat

This week, I’ve asked the pretty ladies in our Reign in Health and Fitness Group which challenge did they want to do: 1 Gallon of water a day No eating 3 hours before bedtime or 6 days of Cardio for 45min – 1 hr. Guess what, they said all 3 so this week from Sunday…

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7 Tips to Help You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!

holiday weight gain

I received this question from one of my facebook friends and it was such a great question I decided to do a blog post about it and share it with you! From pretty lady Robbie Haynes! “Shelita, what will be your advice for us regarding the upcoming holidays? I tend to carry my healthy mental…

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Protein Pancakes!

protein pancake

I was in the mood for breakfast for dinner and I needed to get some extra protein in so I decided to make protein cakes! They came out great so I thought I would share so you could try them out!   1/2 cup oats 1/2 cup egg whites 1 scoop of whey protein powder…

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No White Stuff! RIL 7 Day Challenge!

white stuff

This week I thought it would be good for us to to a “No White Stuff” challenge! This will include no sugar at all! So if you have to have sugar everyday (even in the form of candy, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes, pies etc.)  this would be a good challenge for you. All white foods…

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RIL Motivation; Tisha Harrell!


Your RIL Affirmation! “I will not make excuses, today I will make it Reign!” I read Trish’s story on facebook and it was so inspiring I had to share! This is taken right from Designed Health and Fitness Praise is not given…. It’s Earned! “My Òl Lady is 41 years old… I don’t know of…

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How to Make Raw Almond Milk!

raw almond milk

Ingredients 1 cup Raw Almonds (soaked overnight) 4 cups of filtered water (can use 3 if you like it a bit more almond tasting) Optional: 1 Tsp. Vanilla 1 Tbsp. raw honey, a few drops of stevia or raw dates to sweeten (choose one) What you will need: Blender ( used a vitamixer) Nut milk…

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RIL Health and Fitness Tip about Calorie Consumption!

black woman eating

Try not to eat more than 600 calories in hour. Why? because your body can’t metabolize more than that in one hour, the rest get’s stored in our bodies as fat for most of us. That’s just like when we buy these high 60 grams of protein drinks well what does it matter your body…

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