Shelita Williams, RN

Speaker, Author, Coach

Author Shelita Williams is known for her no nonsense style of teaching.  As a successful business woman she is a Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer,  C.E.O. of Reign in Life Enterprises, RIL Beauty as well as other businesses.  Shelita has an uncanny way of taking complex principles and transforming them into easy to follow guidelines. Through her down to earth teaching and coaching, she inspires women to discover their purpose, gain confidence and Reign in Life!

A few of the topics that Shelita speaks on are:

Now is Your Time to Reign in Life! Shelita teaches the 7 principles of diligence from her book How to Reign in Life! Shelita wants people to know that God has called them to Reign in Life! That despite their past and their present circumstances they can still Rise to Reign!

How to Reign in Your Lane! Shelita teaches principles on how to discover your God given purpose. When you know who you are in Christ and what God called you to be then truly you are ready to Reign!

How to Reign in You! It is impossible to Reign in Life if you lack the confidence to do so. Shelita teaches principles do develop self-confidence, self-love, self-value.

How to Reign in Health and Fitness! As an R.N for over 21 years and over coming obesity dropping over 80 pounds. Shelita teaches the principles necessary to develop a healthy lifestyle so that you can have the energy, strength and stamina to Reign in Life!

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