It’s almost fall can you believe it!? The kids are getting ready to go back to school and you have fallen of the health and fitness wagon. So much is going on that it seems like you don’t have time for yourself. Eating fast food has become more frequent than eating home cooked meals. All of your workout equipment is in the closet collecting dust, has become toys for the kids or you are hanging clothes on your treadmill! Trust me I’ve been there!

Your cholesterol is high, your blood pressure is high, your tummy is, well let’s just say not up to par and you have no energy. You don’t sleep well, your mood is crappy and your attention span is about that of a toddler!

You know that your body is the temple of the Most High, and that bodily exercise profits a little but it does profit! You want something that is quick and effective. You want meal plans that will be easy, healthy yet tasty! Most important you want someone to walk you step by step through the process and hold you accountable, after all accountability is the key to the Reign!

I know exactly how you feel, lots have happened in my life over the past few months, so much so that I haven’t been on my regular fitness regimen, and honey let me tell you I can see it and feel it! I’ve learned not to let myself get too far off the wagon seeing that I’ve lost over 81 pounds ain’t nobody got time to be fat again!

So as the kids are getting ready to get back to school I’m getting “Back to the Reign” the Health and Fitness Reign and I want YOU to join me!

I’m gonna offer this “Back 2 Reign” 30 Day Detox Program to YOU for FREE! Yes I am.
You will get 30 days’ worth recipes of meals, and snacks FREE worth $24.95
You will get a Workout video series that you can do at home with little equipment worth $39.95
You will get 30 days of FREE online coaching with me, and accountability worth $197.00
You will get over $250.00 worth of services!

I’m even gonna share with you the products that I will be using to detox and once your order your kit you will automatically be signed up for the “Back 2 Reign” 30 Day Detox Program

When you get done with this program, which you can continue for as long as you need to, you will:

Have more energy!
Have eliminated parasites and worms from your intestines!
Improve the quality of sleep (even if you don’t get 6-8 hours you will feel like it)
Lower your cholesterol,
Lower your blood pressure,
Improve your mood
Increase your attention span and memory
Eliminate toxins from your body on a cellular level
Lose up to 30lbs!
Shrink your belly
And more…..

With your purchase of either the Iaso Health pack (Gano, Iaso tea, and Nutraburst)
or the Iaso NRG pack (NRG, Iaso tea, and Nutraburst)
you will get the “Back to Reign” 30 day detox program absolutely FREE!

Health Pack includes:
Gano supplement a super food medicinal mushroom!

gano benifts


Iaso detox tea 9 powerful herbs!



Nurtraburst the liquid vitamin that is 98% absorbed into your blood stream, while your pill or gel vitamins are only 10-20% absorbed. As you can see it’s so much more than a vitamin!



I recommend the NRG pack if you don’t have any health issues and want that increased energy when you work out or are resting, for a metabolism boost that will burn more fat, faster!!!!


So if you are ready to get back to the Health and Fitness Reign with me, go to and click shop.
Look for the Health pack or the NRG pack whichever pack fits your needs. Once you make your purchase I will receive an email and will send you your “Back 2 Reign” 30 Day Detox Program within 24 hours of your purchase! We will begin August 30th to September 29th 2015. If you have any questions comment below or email me at