So far the day is going well, I’m a bit hungry but that’s to be expected. It’s 4pm and right now I’m cooking up some detox soup for dinner. As I type this entry I’m sipping on my detox drink. It’s surprising delicious! I’m a bit tired though I had a full workout today, I will see what I can do tomorrow. It’s what I have for breakfast and in between meals so 3 a day if I want. None of my drinks during this detox will have fruit. The best detox is without sugars at all! Wish me Reign, better yet join me!

1 small lime peeled (can use lemon)

2-3 Stalks of celery (leaves removed

2 kale leaves

handful of parsley and cilantro

for extra charge add your favorite super green powder

Juice and enjoy! 🙂


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