There are so many different kinds of water to drink, purified, spring, distilled, alkaline, reverse osmosis, etc. Water being an essential component to our health being 70% of our body is made up of it. Today I’m gonna tell you what kind of water NOT to drink.

What Is Distilled Water?

Distillation is the process in which water is boiled, evaporated and the vapor condensed. Distilled water is free of dissolved minerals and, because of this, has the special property of being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them.  This makes it an excellent choice for use in vaporizers and humidifiers, irons and car batteries but not the best choice for drinking.

Reasons Not to Drink Distilled Water?

  1. All of the minerals have been removed from it, as the Japanese say “Dead Water”.
  2. Distilled water is an active absorber, and when it makes contact with air, it quickly absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes acidic.
  3. The acidity of the body that occurs when one drinks only distilled water is very unhealthy. When you drink distilled water, you become acid instead of alkaline, which leaves you more prone to osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, as well as other degenerative aging diseases.
  4. The most toxic commercial beverages that people consume (i.e. cola beverages and other soft drinks) are made from distilled water.
  5. Distillation will not remove the chemicals.  In fact the concentration becomes higher during the heating process. Distillation can remove an estimated 55-60 percent of fluoride, but the rest will get transferred. So, if you are drinking distilled water, you are probably consuming cancer causing chemicals.

Should I ever Drink Distilled Water?

Because distilled water has the ability to pull substances including toxins from your body,  would validate drinking distilled water to cleanse or detox your system but for not longer than a few weeks at a time should you drink it.

What is the best kind of water to drink?

The absolute best water to drink is the water God created, naturally occurring spring water.  If you are interested in finding out more go to

Remember buying water in plastic non BPA free containers is dangerous. It’s better to filter your water at home via charcoal filter (most counter top filters are charcoal filtered) or reverse osmosis and carry it in a glass or BPA free container. Water filtered through reverse osmosis tends to be neutral and is acceptable for regular use provided minerals are supplemented.

Water filtered through a solid charcoal filter is slightly alkaline. Ozonation of this charcoal filtered water is ideal for daily drinking. Longevity is associated with the regular consumption of hard water (high in minerals).

I personally use a reverse osmosis filter system at home I also buy purified water when I’m out because I can’t stand the taste of spring water so I buy trace minerals and add them myself to green food smoothies or just a littler to my water

Disease and early death is more likely to be seen with the long term drinking of distilled water.

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