Getting ready to go natural? Tired of putting toxins under your armpits that get absorbed by your lymphatic system and breast tissue? Want your all natural non-toxic deodorant to have optimal performance? Then try this 1 week armpit detox!

The tea tree oil is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, it is used in most natural deodorants.

The Lavender oil has healing properties, is high in antioxidants, reduces bumps.

PLEASE be mindful that body odor is the release of toxins and bacteria from our bodies. If you eat a lot of meat and highly refined foods/sugars there is no amount of deodorant that can reduce the body odor. Make sure while you are detoxifying your armpits you are detoxifying your body by eating and drinking to Reign!


1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar
distilled water
4 drops Tea Tree essential oil
4 drops Lavender essential oil
2 ounce spray bottle


Add essential oils and one tablespoon of ACV to a 2 oz bottle, fill with water.
Before going to bed, give the bottle a gentle shake and spray both arm pits.
Next day, repeat the process ! You may need to wash your armpits several times during the first 2 or 3 days but as you detox that will be short lived, you should see your body respond to the detox reasonably well after 5 days! Don’t give up!


If you are extremely toxic you may need to do this for 2 weeks! Try and resist the desire to start your your new natural deodorant while you are doing the detox.  If you need to purchase all natural non-toxic aluminum free deodorant go to my online store!

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