I spent this weekend at the the dynamic International Women’s Success Conference hosted by Dr. Stacia and Ariana Pierce. I learned so much about to how profit from my passion and how to have success in my business. Today I want to share some of the golden nuggets I got from the conference, that can help you have success in your business and your weight loss. 

What I find is that the subject may change but the principles do not. Many of the principles I’ve learned in business, I’ve applied to my weight loss and have had massive success in both areas. So without further adieu here are 7 principles that will help you achieve weight loss success! 

dr stacia its your time

1. Drop the excuses!

“Excuses will hold you hostage and keep you from the next level.”

~Dr. Stacia Pierce. 

Last week I talked about taking a “no excuse” approach to weight loss and as soon as the conference started it was the very first thing that Dr. Stacia spoke about. In order to achieve our goals we need to understand that life happens to us all and that circumstances arise to keep you average. If you keep putting off your health and fitness goals every time something happens to you, you will NEVER reach them. There were people who came to the conference, who had lost loved ones, spent their last money to get there, not 100% in their health and so on. They didn’t make an excuse and let the circumstances of life prevent them from taking their lives to the next level of Reign. 

Don’t let another week go by and you don’t work on your health, your business or your goals that have been sitting on the shelf of your mind collecting dust because life is happening to you. Excuses are a mindset issue. It comes from a fearful and poverty mindset. Refuse to fear and just make it happen, like I know you can. 

dr stacia think different

2. Release to Reign! Before you can go to the next level you have to release something, let something or someone go. You may have to release some money to actually invest in a coach or trainer or release some time to actually cook your own food. You may have to release that mindset that’s telling you that you can’t do it, that it’s too hard, that you should just wait until you can afford it. You may have to release some “so called” friends who are not on the same page as you, they don’t care about their health or business. They don’t want to make millions or they are satisfied with being a size 14.  You know what and/or who it is and if you are ready to go to the next level, then go ahead honey and Release to Reign! 


3. Upgrade your associations!  Get around get it people. Get around people who actually want to see you succeed. Even though they may never say it, there are some people who are only comfortable when you are struggling, when your are overweight, when you are broke. Dr. Stacia said, “when you don’t have community, non-supportive people get in the way of your dreams.” If you truly want to have success with your weight loss you must surround yourself with a community of like minded people.

dr stacia successful people


4. Consistency brings the Reign! Dr. Stacia stated on several occasions that “it’s not always that people don’t know what to do, it’s that they give up too soon!” In order to achieve your weight loss goals you have to stay consistent. Even when it gets hard and it will, even when you don’t have the money to buy the right foods.  Even when you are tired of eating healthy, even when you don’t see results, you must stay consistent. I would go from diet plan to diet plan after only a couple of weeks because I didn’t see results fast enough. It wasn’t until I developed realistic expectations and became consistent did I start to seeing results this took several months not days, not weeks but months, so don’t give up! 


5. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable! In order for us to have something we’ve never had we must do something we’ve never done. We’ve heard that a million times but to actually put it to practice on a daily basis is another story. I remember when I got to my last 30 pounds that I needed to lose. I was trying everything to lose the weight and it just wouldn’t budge.

I hired a trainer and I have to say that I hated her for about the first few weeks she trained me. I felt like I was in nursing school again. The teachers in nursing school seemed like they wanted us to fail, they acted like they hated us. That was the way I was feeling about her, I thought she was trying to kill me, why? Because she, just like my nursing school instructors were constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone! I mean she had me moving my body in ways I didn’t know was possible I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was going to die but you know what, I lost weight.

She has become one of my most favorite people in the world because she pushed out of my comfort zone and into the weight loss Reign! Now I make sure every workout I make myself uncomfortable! As for the nursing instructors, they had had to push us because as nurses we have people’s lives in our hands and we have to be able to work under extreme pressure in extreme circumstances so if you can’t handle nursing school you are not fit to deal with peoples lives! 

You must be challenged in order to be changed and yes this is uncomfortable but it’s what’s gonna bring you the results you’ve been looking for. 


6. Find a new best!

“If you are doing your best and it sucks, find a new best!” ~ Dr. Stacia Pierce 

Stop thinking you’ve tried it all, that you know it all. If you did you would be at the weight you wanted to be or actually the body fat% that you wanted to be at. You may be a “know it all” like I am and it may be difficult to take advice from others. One thing I’ve learned is that the picture can’t see the frame. You are the picture and you are inside of the frame so your view is limited. A coach knows what you need to do and can show you a new best for you, even if you think you’ve tried it all, take a deep breathe swallow your pride and listen. 

dr stacia best

7. Plan the Reign! 

“Plans make dreams come true!” ~Dr. Stacia Pierce

If you’ve been following me for any length of time you’ve heard me say this 100’s of times.  If you want to actually start living your dreams instead of dreaming them you have to plan for success in advance. Plan your meals, plan your meal times. Plan how many calories you need, plan your workout. You don’t stumble your way into success, it’s planned, it’s on purpose. 

dr stacia go big

This is what I want you to do, read this article and apply at least 3 of these principles to your life this week and then let me know how this info has helped you or made you think about some things. Be sure to share the Reign and thanks so much for taking out your time to read this article! 

 Not yesterday, not tomorrow but right NOW is YOUR time to Reign in Life! 


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