I harvested some Lungo Bianco Zucchini from my garden. I love these Thai noodles that I make for my husband using Japanese buckwheat noodles, which you can easily use instead. But I wanted a keto version and I want to use my garden produce so I used my spiralizer to make zoodles. You can use any kind of zucchini for this.  I sautéed the mushrooms and added the zoodles you don’t want to cook the zoodles too long. Add the garlic chili oil and just a tad of the pad Thai sauce like 1 tsp.  You can also just leave the pad thai sauce out and add a sprinkle of monk fruit sweetener instead.

This was sooooo good. It’s very spicy so use the chili oil sparingly! This is a great way to detox your body and eat a delicious satisfying meal

I hope you try this recipe let me know if you do!

Remember you can’t detox your body without proper hydration and nutrition. So drink your water, take your multivitamins and get you some detox tea!

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You would be surprised at this, but many times people come to me and they want to get rid of high blood pressure, lose weight or improve their overall health and I say do you take any multi-vitamins and more than 80% of them say no! This is the first step to optimal health other than changing your diet.  

P.S some of you have asked about the tinctures that I use, I will be sharing what they are and the benefits of them in upcoming posts so stay tuned!