As I begin my meal prep today, I was thinking about you and wondering is this something that you do. I talk a lot about it on facebook but I never wrote a blog post about it. If we want to Reign in Health and Fitness planning and preparation are vital. Most of us are busy running our businesses, taking care of our families and serving in our churches.

meal prep

If you take the time once a week to plan and prepare your meals, you won’t be caught off guard during your busy day with no food and having to run to nearest fast food restaurant.

I use my food saver after I cook in bulk, I freeze my food and it’s there for me for weeks even months (I’m known to eat stuff that’s 6 months old) LOL you wouldn’t even tell the difference! meal prep 1

Even though you are eating healthy and encouraging your family to do so as well, they may not be ready to get as serious about it as you. You may find that you will be eating some different foods than they are. This is the perfect time to tell them that you have a certain space in the fridge and go ahead and plan out what you are going to eat, cook it, portion it out and stick it in the fridge. meal prep 2

If you are not doing this on some level, it will be difficult to keep up with your new RIL Fitness Lifestyle. Sure there will be days when you just didn’t get the opportunity to prepare your meals. You can still eat healthy and make something quick. meal prep quick food

Take some time today to plan your meals a sample menu could be:


Oatmeal and 4 egg whites


Grilled Chicken, or Salmon with lettuce, tomato, hummus or greek yogurt in whole wheat or gluten free pita bread


Veggie Burger 1 cup broccoli, and a small salad or  2 cups of your favorite veggies

Your 2-3 snacks can be:

1 tbs. almond butter with 1 apple

1 oz walnuts with 1/2 orange

2 tbs. hummus with 1 cup celery

These are just a few samples, the purpose of this post was to encourage to you prepare your meals in advance, you can research to find some additional choices of meals and snacks that may workout better for you! If you want it all planned out for you, sign up for my 28 Days to the Weight Loss Reign program.  

“Before anything else preparation is the key to success”

Alexander Graham Bell

I want to know do you plan you meals in advance already? If not is this something you are going to do? I want to hear from you and please share this post with your RIL Fitness Friends!

Stay Reigning!


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