What is tempeh? Fermented soybeans so it’s rich in pre and probiotics it’s a complete protein

A 3.5-ounce serving provides 20 grams of protein for just 192 calories


2 Cups organic soy beans

1 package tempeh starter 

2 Tbsp distilled vinegar


  1. Soak soy beans overnight
  2. Remove the skins and split in half
  3. Cook the soy beans until tender but not mushy about 45-1hr
  4. Drain the water and pour beans on a tray lined with a tea towel to catch the drainage. You want to get the beans as dry as possible so the starter will stick. Make sure the beans cool completely
  5. Add the vinegar and starter and stir thoroughly
  6. Put the beans in your desired container, I used a gallon sized plastic bag and poked holes in it.
  7. Check the beans at 12 hours. The  cooler the temperature the longer it will take. You know it’s done when all the beans are covered in the white mycelium Let the beans sit for 24-48 hours best temp is 85-90 room temperature or you can put it in the dehydrator.

You can store in the fridge once done but remember it will continue to ferment and change flavor as it does so If you will not be using it soon you can freeze it.