This week I thought it would be good for us to to a “No White Stuff” challenge! This will include no sugar at all! So if you have to have sugar everyday (even in the form of candy, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes, pies etc.)  this would be a good challenge for you. All white foods have been processed and stripped on most of their nutrients which will cause a rush in your blood sugar and sudden drops. These foods will make you hungry more frequently causing you to overeat.

Okay so what NOT to eat!

No Sugar (Not even brown, no kind of sugar can use stevia, truvia, xylitol, raw dates, or low cal sweetener of choice)
No White Bread (can use whole, wheat whole grain etc.)
No White Rice (can use brown, whole grain or substitute quinoa it’s healthier)
No White Potatoes ( can use purple, or sweet potatoes or yams)
Not White Pasta (can use wheat, whole grain or try spaghetti squash)

For some of us this may be a real challenge but in order to Reign in Health and Fitness we have to be willing make the necessary changes toward the Reign! I know you can do it! be sure to comment or ask questions below!

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