Your RIL Affirmation!
“I will not make excuses, today I will make it Reign!”

I read Trish’s story on facebook and it was so inspiring I had to share! This is taken right from Designed Health and Fitness

Praise is not given…. It’s Earned!

“My Òl Lady is 41 years old… I don’t know of many 20 year olds with a better shape. She wasn’t always this way. As a matter of fact she worked unbelievably hard over last couple years to achieve this

milestone. I sat back & watched this woman work 2 full time jobs. The 1st being a stressful government job as a “PO”. The 2nd she’s a “Personal Fitness Trainer” with MANY clients, Who in-turn have their own physical goals that she’s trying to help them achieve. She also is a FULL-TIME trainee herself for The National Physique Committee (NPC). The largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States. She will be competing in 3 different competitions over the next 3 weeks in the Bikini division. Her training consisted of EXTREME workouts 7 days a week & an UNBELIEVABLY RESTRICTED diet which she managed to NOT cheat on. She was “OBESE”…. at 32% Bodyfat when she started her journey. Now competing somewhere around 10% Bodyfat. I sat back and watched her tackle adversity after adversity. A lot of people turned on her along the way (Haters)…… Co-workers, Friends, Sorority Sisters and yes… Even Family Members! After the first 30 lbs (65lbs. total), the point at which she started to separate herself from the over-weight crowd is when most of the NEGATIVITY started. The closer she got to this 1st Competition… The worse it got! She never once crumbled under the pressure and turn to a pint of ice cream. She used the negativity as “Fuel for the Fire”! Did I mention that I’m a Over the Road Truck Driver & guess who took care of a lot of things that I couldn’t by being thousands of miles away? My son needs cleats…. She takes him. My daughters call and say Daddy I need money for Track shoes, Cheerleading fee’s… Etc. I wire… She’ll make sure they get it. This is by all means not to brag or boast. This is a prime example of as hard as you think your working…. Someone with less time than you is putting in more work than you. Are you really living up to your own full potential? She is one of My biggest inspirations and I hope you can find inspiration in her as well. I would like to ask ALL of you reading this to show some love and help me wish her Good Luck in the beginning of the End of her journey by “Comments”…. “Likes”…. and “Shares”
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