Total Life Changes is the first MLM to release 100% pure wild Siberian Chaga extract. TLC’s release of this mighty new medicinal mushroom is gaining worldwide attention. But is it hands down the new King of Herbs? That’s for you to decide. What we can say is that both Iaso™ Chaga and Iaso™ Gano are two very powerful extracts that have scientists all over the globe excited about the tremendous results and healing powers of these medicinal mushrooms.

Round 1

Who Is The King?  Chaga or Gano?

Iaso™ Siberian Chaga is the latest challenger of 100% pure TOXIN-FREE adaptogens. An extremely qualified competitor, first approved in 1955 by Moscow’s Medical Academy of Science as a cancer drug. It was later administered to athletes, astronauts and other Soviet elite to take on a daily basis to improve physical and mental work capacity.

Siberian Chaga is documented for successfully treating cancers of the stomach, lungs, breasts and cervix. Two studies in 1996 found it to have an inhibitory effect on both influenza and HIV. It stimulates the body’s natural immune functions (something that was first confirmed in 2002 and then again in 2005); which may also help explain the historical use of Siberian Chaga extract as an anti-inflammatory.

While the U.S. government restricts medical claims, here is what can be said: Chaga Extract has been used as an essential whole food supplement for many years by Russia’s long-lived peasants, as well as long-lived villagers of Japan and Korea. Now you too can experience the health benefits of wild Siberian Chaga, the plant responsible for the exceptional health and life expectancy of the Siberians ranging from 85-100 years.

But the undisputed heavyweight champion of all medicinal mushrooms fights back with facts of its own. Iaso™ Gano is also a bonafied 100% all-natural TOXIN-FREE adaptogen with many benefits to its credit. A considerable number of studies in China, Japan, USA, and the UK in the past three decades have shown that the consumption of Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Reishi) has been linked to the treatment of a vast range of diseases, common ailments, and conditions.

Iaso™ Gano can be taken daily without producing any side effects. When it is taken regularly, it can restore the body to its natural state, enabling all organs to function normally. Studies also indicated that ganoderic acids help alleviate common allergies by inhibiting histamine release, improve oxygen utilization and improve liver functions. Immunization of fucose-containing polysaccharides from Reishi mushroom induces antibodies to tumor-associated Globo H-series epitopes (Published on August 20, 2013 vol. 110 no. 34 13809-13814 by PNAS)

Polysaccharides (from ganoderma lucidum), after injected into mice, can induce antibodies to recognize tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens on cancer cells and kill them. The potential for Iaso™ Gano in fighting cancerous cells is alarming. The results of this study have been published in an issue of “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA”.

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