Snacking is a good thing don’t get me wrong. I recommend that you eat 2-3 snacks per day along with 3 meals. Don’t grab the first thing you see on the shelf just because it may say “low fat” or “healthy” on it. Learn to read food labels. For now check out these 3 Toxic snacks to avoid to stay healthy and fit! 

I recommend having food with you at all times, in fact I carry a lunch back with me just about everywhere I go. That way I am not caught off guard and run to the nearest fast food restaurant or reach for unhealthy snacks that seem to be so readily available. 

There’s no question that snacking can be a part of healthy diet plan and can help you achieve optimal energy levels throughout the day while keeping your blood sugar levels more stabilized, but, if you’re not careful with the snack choices you’re choosing, you could be doing far more harm than good.

There are many snacks that some people are choosing on a regular basis that are virtually toxic to the body and won’t be doing anything positive in terms of promoting good health.

By learning what these snacks are and then making sure to rid them from your diet plan, you can ensure that you are putting only the highest of quality foods in your body on a regular basis.

Let’s go over three toxic snack foods that you should do away with immediately.

1. Anything With Processed Cheese 

processed cheese

The first toxic snack food is anything that contains processed cheese.  Whether it’s string cheese, cheese spread, or some other form of artificial cheese, these in general are not a good idea.

They’re often very high in chemicals and can also add some saturated or even trans fats into your diet plan.

Plus, they won’t offer nearly the same amount of protein as a real source of organic cheese would, so won’t provide benefits in that regard either.

If you want cheese, choose a smarter variety. Opt for Greek cheese or feta cheese and you’ll provide your body with more vitamins and minerals along with energy for the hours to come.

2. Chips And Crackers

The second of the toxic snack foods that you must eliminate from your diet immediately is any chips or crackers that you’re consuming.

Even if they are the ‘low fat’ variety, don’t be fooled. These are still not a healthy addition to your diet.

Snacks such as these do typically contain trans fats, which are the worst kinds of fats that you could be adding to your diet plan. Even very small amounts consumed each day can put you in harm’s way.

Second, these snacks are full of processed carbs that will send blood glucose levels soaring and then crashing shortly thereafter.

3. Cereal And Energy Bars

Finally, last but not least on the list of toxic foods to get out of your diet immediately is any cereal or energy bars.  Not only are these very high in sugar as well (or high-glucose fructose corn syrup as the case may be), but many also contain artificial food dyes or colorings, which can harm your body.

Plus, they are devoid of protein content in most cases, so won’t provide you the balanced snack you’re after.

So there you have three toxic snack foods that you should give the boot from your diet immediately. Make sure they aren’t putting you in harm’s way. You also want to make sure that you are not putting toxic products on your body! They absorb into your skin and enter your blood stream just as if you ingested them. I’ve created an entire line of natural beauty and skin care products to help you detox from the outside in, because what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body! 

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