This week, I’ve asked the pretty ladies in our Reign in Health and Fitness Group which challenge did they want to do:

  • 1 Gallon of water a day
  • No eating 3 hours before bedtime
  • or 6 days of Cardio for 45min – 1 hr.

Guess what, they said all 3 so this week from Sunday to Saturday (all challenges will be these days) we are doing a Triple Threat fat loss challenge! If you are game then join us.

Tips to get your Gallon of water in! 

1. Start early, drink 500 ml or 2 cups as soon as you wake up!

2. Keep your water with you at all times.

3. Drink 2 cups before your meals.

4. Caffeinated and drinks with chemicals in them don’t count. (Decaff tea can count but not more than 2 cups can come from tea) truly water is the best!

5. If you hate the taste of water, you can put some lemon in it, or some other kind of fruit. I want you to remember something, the less you drink water more you will dislike it… so get used to drinking it and you will learn to love it and prefer it over whatever you are drinking instead of it.

Tips to get your cardio in! 

1. You need to do some cardio that is going to make you sweat, if you can hold a conversation while working out then you are not doing much! If this is all you can do then work with what you’ve got but plan on challenging yourself more each week.

2. Zumba (my fav), walking with interval or jogging (1 min walk, 1 min job or 2 min walk 2 1 min jog), Taebo, Elliptical, Stairmaster, or any other cardio, these are just examples.

3. Plan your workout time: I find that the am is best for me I get it out of the way and I burn more calories throughout the entire day! Put it on your schedule right now, you might have to switch it up based on your week.

4. You can break it up. Example you can do 30 min am and 30 min pm. Just remember not to workout 2-3 hours before bed or you’ll be too amped up to go to sleep! 🙂

Tips to not eat 3 hours before bedtime!

There are none just don’t eat, no I’m just kidding!

1. If you plan out your meals you won’t be so hungry late at night! You should be eating every 2.5 -3 hrs. I teach all of this in my free weight loss Ecourse! You should have meal times!!!!!

2. If you are hungry and feel like you are starving, have a cup of green tea, or 1/2 cup of veggies, or something that’s not more than 50-60 calories that is a protein. You really don’t want to eat carbs that late, they are for energy and you will not be using them because you’re going to bed. Protein on the other hand is good to help repair your body.

3. God to bed! I remember when I first stared counting my calories. I didn’t realize how much I was eating so when I started eating what I was supposed to I felt like I was starving all of the time. As I incorporated the things that I talked about and teach about I trained my body to be hungry at the times I was supposed to eat. Sometimes you just have to go to bed! Be patient! Here are some tips in this video!

I know you can do this, stay focused and report in your thoughts and how you did below! Be sure to share this with at least 5 of your friends, what you make happen for others God will make happen for you!

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