This turmeric milk recipe is good cold or hot. I’m excited it’s keto as well, its creamy comfort in a cup makes it a great bedtime drink. Turmeric just happen to be our detox star in this drink!


2 Cups low/no carb plant based milk I like Ripple

*1 Tsp or 1 Tbsp. of Turmeric (very important see below)

1 Tsp cinnamon

½ tsp vanilla

Dash of pepper (helps your body absorb the turmeric)


Blend all ingredients in blender, if you want more foam blend on high for a few seconds. Warm milk up in a pot don’t let milk come to a boil or get hot to fast, as this will cause a film.  Top milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon, relax and enjoy!

Depending on what type of turmeric you use will determine the amount of turmeric needed. I recommend using Navitas organic turmeric in which case you will use 1 tsp. If you use the seasoning turmeric such as  simply organic ground turmeric then use 1 tbsp because it’s not as potent but it’s still good.

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