As I’m completing my first homework assignment for Dr. Stacia’s Success Mastery Coaching program, I thought about you! Our first assignment is to make a vision board for 2014. In order for us to have success in any area of our lives it will begin with a clear vision! Success doesn’t happen by accident it happens by strategic planning and implementation. succcess mastery

I must admit that I usually wait until November or even December to do my vision board for the following year. So I’m thankful to Dr. Stacia for having us to do our vision boards early. Last minute Larry or LaKeisha (no pun intended if that’s your name, it just had a nice ring) don’t see the Reign.

I’ve already learned that I need to prepare well in advance if I truly want to go the next level of Reign in my businesses and life next year. Success leaves clues, the Success Mastery Coaching Program has not even begun yet and I’ve learned several things just from observing Dr. Stacia.

First I learned that even though she has several 7 figure businesses she prioritizes her family! They are included in everything that she does!

Second She makes sure that in order to have energy to do all of the things she is doing she devotes time to her health and fitness. She has spoken on several occasions about how her businesses and brand went to an entire new level because of it.

Lastly she does everything with a system. This is how she is able to run her businesses successfully, look great and still have time to do whatever she wants!

dr stacia

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to have success in your health and fitness, your business and your life! I’m honored to be apart of the Success Mastery Coaching Program and if you know that it’s time for you to go to another level there is still time to join. There will be many obstacles on the road to the Reign you need a coach to show you the fastest most effective way to overcome them. What does success in 2014 look like to you?

“Dreams die between what to do and how to do it”

Dr. Stacia Pierce. 


Here is what success in my business looks like to me for 2014. I decided to do a digital vision board this time.

Shelita's Sucess Mastery dreamboard

I have several boards for different goals, and it’s easier for me to do it online! It’s more fun than cutting out magazine clippings when I can just Google what I’m looking for and there it is. I did this on Digital Dream Boards.  Do what ever is comfortable for you, just make sure you have your vision board before the month is over with! So here is your assignment!

Do your vision board for 2014 you can do a health and fitness one, business or your overall life! Share it with me on facebook by tagging me in it and include the hashtag #rilfitness! No matter what is going on in your life, sit down and plan the Reign! 

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